Sunday, September 30, 2007

#111 Yeah! Finally one from my mom! ( I will get the other one later) She always loved Corrie ten Boom's writings and included a portion from one of her books. - okay now I will work on my dad!

#110 This pretty angelic print was sent with a sweet saying on it. "God sends His love and joy to earth with every newborn baby's birth" Thank you Patty (another MN relative) for thinking of us!

#109 Who would have ever thought that this print would be the most popular one given? I guess we should name our little girl Sunshine since so many have been impressed to pick out this fabric - including 3 family members! This is from another cousin of my MIL Dianne who also lives in the chilly northern state where they have "pop" instead of Coke!

#108 This is a neat little print featuring the state birds of Minnesota which FYI is the Common Loon and the Showy Lady Slipper! It is from my MIL's cousins the Lovaas'. Once again, this was a great little thought of a family's representation.

#107 This pretty rose print is from (great) Aunt Rosie. I have only seen her a few times since Erik and I have been married. But, I am convinced she has made the best cinnamon rolls in the world!!

#106 This was the first in a package of sqaures from Erik's family in Minnesota. This was done in honor of Erik's grandmother Laura that loved cats. One of these looks like the pretty calico she had named Missy.

#105 My college friends are on the ball lately!! Especially the Ludwig family in AL who sent this piece of material with Samford bulldogs all over it (our alma mater). I think she sent this on the way to the hospital to deliver her son. I got the news of the birth like the next day!

#104 All I can say about this is "this is awesome". I am totally not a Gator's fan. It fact we pull for Miami. But, I love that the Randles - the Gator loving family in FL sent this as representing themselves. It's a good thing Erik doesn't get to discard any squares. I think this might be the first one to go!! Both of the Randles were also college friends of mine.

#103 I was so relieved to finally get this one in the mail. We think it took the long way around the world in a boat! It is from my sister and family who lives in Holland. They have a cute little picture of them on their card little did they know at the time there were 2 more little ones on the way for them!! Katy searched long and hard for her "perfect" fabric in a world without Joanne's and such - Thanks for your contribution for your niece and cousin. We love it!!

#102 This was from more college friends in AL (and a former Mariettian herself). Cute little hopping frogs from the Miller family including their 2 little boys.

#101 - From my old college roomie and birthday buddy- Sunny. This fabric was very appropriate from her. Thanks roomie!

#100 WE DID IT!!!!!
We reached 100 squares!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!!!!!
Of course since I am the one putting it all together, I as her mommy get to place my square as the 100th! It reminds me of the beautiful impressionists paintings I love. My wish is that our daughter will always be patient on the Master's hand as He paints a beautiful creation in her.

#99 We are rounding the official finish with a little square from Caleb. Of course mommy and Alexia picked it out for him -but it reminds us of Caleb because when he was little we called him puppy dog. I don't recall why of course. But he does love dogs of all shapes and sizes.

#98 - Yeah for Daddy!! He made it in under 100 with a wish to boot! He picked out this fabric of woods and trails since he likes hiking and being outdoors enjoying God's creation so much.

#97 the wish is getting finalized but the cute little print is from some totally awesome friends of ours that now live in west GA (yeah!! as opposed to former homes of NJ and TX). We enjoy getting together with Mark and Amy and their little one so much - an hour and half of travel isn't that bad sometimes.

#96 is from our very sweet next door neighbor Gloria. She always enjoys having the children over for a visit and sipping some lemonade or sharing an ice cream cone with them. Alexia loves drawing pictures for her or showing her her latest tricks!

#95 Is from a very very special person. Erik's step-grandmother (grandma Judy) gave this to represent her love of ballroom dancing. She was dancing well into her 80's and still enjoys going out when she visits her hometown in FL. She is a great lady who even became a nurse later in life. She adopted two children and has very different stories to tell - so she is excited for us.

#94 Is from a fellow adopting mom Nina in CA It is a very cute feminine bug pattern with a quote from the song "My Wish" by Rascal Flats. I have enjoyed having Nina in one of my "cyber support groups!"

#93 Is such a sweet little square given by some college friends David and Stacy in AL. It was a from some material they decorated their little girl Anna's room in. I remember she was so excited for a girl to be able to decorate in green and purple! They are a very sweet family and I am blessed to know them.

#92 Is a pretty Asian print given by my aunt Judy and uncle Tony. I have been waiting for someone to include this verse. "Do not be afraid for I am with you. I will bring your children from the EAST and gather you from the WEST" -I love it!

#91 Is a very cool butterfly print given by my fun friend Michelle and family. It's a very cute quote (that I have since used elsewhere) by Calvin from Calvin and Hobbes. It says "I think we dream so we don't have to be apart so long. if we are in each other's dreams, we can be together all the time."

#90 Is from some old dear friends that now live in coastal South Carolina. They quoted the scripture "Every good a perfect gift is from above" This family, the Ricks were good to us when they GAVE us their car when we returned from the states with nothing to our name! We will never forget you!!

Monday, July 9, 2007

#89 This little ladybug square was given to us by another new friend in our First Friday group - Jay and Angela who just brought their PRECIOUS little Laney home. We are so happy for them and it made me smile to see their "gotcha day" proudly posted on their wish!

#85-88 Are all very super cool bright fabrics picked out and sent to me by my cousin Lynn and her children Brent, Allyse and Arielle. The cool color palate wish directed at us stated "we cannot wait to see what a mark your rich lives will leave on Mei-mei" However, we cannot wait to see what a mark SHE leaves on US!!! My favorite was this bright daisy square! Thanks guys!!

#83 and 84 are also from Erik's side of the family (yes they are finally coming in!!) The first cool dark blue one (below) is from his Sister Cherilyn and her husband Steve. It is a piece of fabric brought from Japan where they met and lived. I really love the design on this one! The second (not pictured) was from a t-shirt that all three of her girls wore as a baby. Steve works with Caterpillar hence the significance of that one. Also, their oldest is adopted from Kazakhstan and the middle one was born in England which makes them a "three corner family" as well!!

#82 Is a square from Erik's uncle Jeff and aunt Marlene in CA. This is who we got to visit when we took our trip out there recently. We treasured our time with them since it is so infrequent that we get to see them. We are glad they are so sweet and supportive.

#81 Is from my other bestest bud and long time friend Dana and her family. Dana and I were roommates in college and went through nursing school together (oh the stories...) This little square is so appropriate because she loves black cats and this has the smug faces of cats all over it. We have gone through SO MUCH together and I am thankful to have a friend like her to continue in our journey. She wished for our daughter to find a forever friend such as what we have become - Awww - Thanks!

#80 The Asian fan print is from our bestest buds - the Bowling family. Maggie and Alan along with their 3 daughters are waiting for their little boy to come home to them from China. We can't believe we are actually DOING this process "together". The only thing that would make it better is if we traveled to China together. - Look out China if that ever happened!!!

#79 Is a sweet little square of little Chinese children on Chinese New Year. It was given to us by some new friends in our First Friday group Mark and Rebecca. They are also waiting for their Chinese treasure, Claire along with a tummy baby coming soon.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Squares #77 &78 Show some serious sweetness on the part of our friend Emily in India-yes the country. Not only did we get a nice pink cotton fabric, but a gorgeous Varanasi silk piece to boot. I haven't cut it down yet, because I don't know if I need to do anything different for this type of fabric with all it's beautiful golden threading. I do plan to put a few people to shame with the effort she put forth to get these squares to us- check soon on my family blog.

#76 I love this fun summery red print it was sent to us by some friends we made during our time in Europe. We also fondly remember them as our occasional dog sitter! The Chris and Amy Mount now of Decatur, AL sent this along with a sweet gift - a book entitled "My Mei-mei" It's about a little girl wanting her Chinese adopted little sister. Alexia wants her little sister so bad it's a difficult thing for us to have to explain the wait all the time to her. Double thanks Mount's!

#75 Another sweet lady sent this square - Sheryl Schmatjen. She is also a friend of Nancy's and we enjoy seeing her and her husband on our trips to Orlando. Sheryl is a former flight attendant and chose this airplane print. "Psalm 139:9 If I settle on the far side of the sea, even there your hand will guide me..."
#74 This fun lemon meringue recipe print was given by Betty Vallery one of Nancy's dear friend's. Her gifting is hospitality therefore she chose this square. She reminded us that when we serve others, we serve God. Betty is a sweet one, with adopted granddaughters of her own.

#73 This school-themed square was done in honor of Erik's grandmother Laura Johnson by Erik's mom Nancy. She was a school teacher and wrote extensive personal journals throughout her years. I am thankful that I was able to know this sweet, peaceful lady for some before her death in 2002.

#72 Is a great one that typifies Erik's step-dad (Papa Jacques) He loves cars and anything to do with cars. For this reason Alexia has dubbed him "car show boy".

#71 Yeah!!! A square from Mimi (Erik's mom) She gave this sunshiny print that included a wish with the verse Matt 5:16 "Let your light shine before men..." and the hope that "you will be a shining light"

#70 This pretty blue flannel print came from college friends of Erik Jeremy and April Drobnick of Charlotte, NC. Both of us couples were married young (I was the only one finished with college). I laugh at the memories of that first year! We have kept in touch and have enjoyed seeing their family continue to grow as they will be adding their fourth soon. This fabric was a scrap from their first (of 3) daughter's quilt that April made - thanks!

#69 is from our old friends the McPherson's from Kennesaw. They were in our Sunday school class years back when we lived in Woodstock. It is a cute little flower and butterfly print and the wish in part states how "God has chosen to create you and chose you mom and dad for you" What a wonderful thought.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

#69 Is another little ladybug print that came from the Dempsey's who are in our same adoption agency. Their wish included parts of the lyrics to "When Love Takes You In" a song Steven Curtis Chapman wrote stemming from his experience with his 3 Chinese adopted girls.

#67 & 68 came from a fun mother/daughter team Eve and Abi Hall. We first met the Hall's at our old church and hit it off well the first day! Eve and I later worked together but since we have moved on to different branches of cardiac nursing. I do miss our fun days in the Cath Lab!

#66 Cool, another country being represented. This cool green fabric was from Erik's college friend Sal Musumeci and his wife Robin who are living in Sussex England. Thanks so much!!

#65 This cuddly flannel cloud print was from my cousin and her family in Charlotte, NC - yeah! Can it really be? Something from the family??? Thanks Taylor - very thoughtful!

#63 & 64 These little kitty cat squares are from two families special to me from our time in France. The three of us women were all pregnant together and we all had girls which furthered the fun. I got to see them and their girls when we went back to France last fall, It was a blast to get the girls together again. Thank you Andrea and Erica so much for a special square from Paris!

#62 Is a red butterfly square from the Shaws of Cumming, GA who are some college friends of mine. Their wish was very similar to another college friend (#54) who wished for our daughter to know the transforming love of God. We want lots of those prayers!

#61 This is from a fellow adopting family in Moorestown, NJ. I love the pretty purple. Thanks Darlington's

#60 Another sweet one from an anxiously awaiting sister. It's a watermelon print she picked out and the wish states "I hope you like watermelon so we can eat it together when you get here!"

#59 This one cracks me up. I wish you could hear the inflection in the voice of Alexia as she spouted out her wish to her fairy square she picked out.
"I hope you believe in fairies...they are real. The tooth fairy is real indeed!"
Alexia could care less about any fictitious character, but she KNOWS there is a tooth fairy.

#58 Was the first of several given by big sister. It beautifully colored by Alexia at school this year and we were able to order it as a quilt square so all we need was a wish. Together she and I decided on the lyrics to the children's song "Jesus Loves the Little Children" - All the children in the world, red and yellow black and white - they are precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.